Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6

My doctor gave me a prescription for Phenergan. Tonight was the first night I have taken it. I only took half of a pill and it helped A LOT! I will be using it at night now until this sickness wears off.

September 5

Tonight was our first UL football game of the season. Chris and I have had season tickets for a long time and we plan to keep them even when our little one is around!

September 4

Tonight was a hard night. I felt very sick all night. I finally got up and this bag of crackers to keep by my bed. I sure hope this sickness feeling goes away soon!

September 3

Chris and I finally took the intelligender test. Ok so I didn't take it first thing in the morning, but it says boy and I have had that instinct all along. We will just have to wait and see in late October!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 2

Today was my second doctor visit and all went well! Except of course I HAD to get a flu shot! YUCK:( SHe also gave me a perscription for the H1N1 shot. Wherever I can find it she said to get it.

September 1

Chris brought home this book from his Aunt today. It has some pretty interesting names in it. Who knows maybe we will find our babies name in it!

August 31

Here is my belly at 11 weeks. I think the first trimester is really flying by and man is my body changing!

August 30

I have had a bad cold the past few days. I have been drinking lots of Sunny D. I LOVE it! I can't drink orange juice because of all the acid in it. So, I am loving Sunny D:)

August 29

I love these little gowns. I think they will be perfect for the middle of the night changing! Chris said if we have a boy he can't wear them! WHATEVER. Maybe on his nights to change.

August 28

Chris got me this charm bracelet for my birthday. It is so cute. I can't wait to add more mommy charms to it!

August 27

I got this charm bracelet from Julie for my birthday. It is so cute! It is actually a boy charm bracelet, but I think that might be a sign:)

August 26

Today is my 25th birthday. I got so may cute birthday presents. A lot of cute baby things:) I love birthdays and can't wait for next years:)

August 25

This is a willow tree that Chris got me. I just love willow trees and how sweet of him to think to get me the pregnancy willow tree!

August 24

Rhonda and I went to this consignment shop called Little Treasures. I got SO many maternity clothes for so cheap. I didn't pay anymore than five dollars for anything I bought! I thought I did a great job!

August 23

I LOVE pickles. I don't know if it is the salty, sourish taste. They are so yummy. I can just drink the juice!

August 22

This book was given to me from Rhonda. This book is extremly graphic and it use to be in our school library! I couldn't imagine my child checking this book out from a school library!

August 21

Are these not the cutest shoes? I had to get them for softball games! They will look so cute with the loaded bases shirt;)

August 20

Teresa got Kathleen this shirt for the baby! It is so fiitting for her to give to him. Only Kathleen! She will be a great aunt!