Monday, August 17, 2009

August 19

It's hard to believe that what has been my closet for the past two years will soon become a baby nursery!

August 18

The closet is already filling up fast. This baby will have more clothes than Chris and I combined!

August 17

Chris' Great Aunt Margaret has always been so sweet to us. She is very excited about our baby! She sent us these little newborn undershirts. I can't believe we will ever have a baby small enough to wear these:)

August 16

Here is a belly picture at 9 weeks! Look any different from 7 weeks? I can really tell a difference. It's crazy that I am already showing!!

August 15

Today was Pierce's first birthday party. I just know Pierce and our baby will be good friends! He will teach him/her all kinds of things;)

August 14

I don't think it's a craving, but I have been eating Raviollis A LOT. They just actually taste good. Unlike most everything else I put in my mouth!

August 13

I have been extremly tired the past few days. I have gone to bed at about 8:30 almost every night. NOTHING keeps me up not even TV. I think it's going back to school. I don't even want to think about leaving my baby this time next year:(

August 12

My assisstant from kindergarten bought me these Preggie Pop Drops to ease my sickness. They seem to work pretty well and they taste good too. They are really sour:)

August 11

Today I am 8 weeks. This is what our little baby looks like right now. It's so weird to think that this itty bitty thing is growing in me.

August 10

Chris and I got these bracelets tonight to see if they would help me with my sickness. They seem to work well so far, but I don't know if I will be able to keep them on too long, because I don't like things on very long!

August 9

My doctor gave me all of these vitamins as samples. I thought that was really nice, but I really hope I can keep them down:)

August 8

This is a card from my friend Ashley. I find it quite humorous that she enjoys watching me get FAT! Just wait til it's her turn:)

August 7

I thought it would be neat to add some baby pictures of Chris and I. I often wonder what the baby will look like. I am sure we can be certain that he/she will have jet black hair!

August 6

We got this formula from our doctor. We have heard that we will get all kinds of formula for free. Which I am sure is a very good thing!

August 5

I can't believe that I will ever have a baby small enough to wear this diaper! But, it is the cutest little thing ever:)

August 4

Today was our first doctor appointment! This picture is what our backyard looked like before we left for the appointment! It was crazy. There was flooding everywhere, but we made it to the appointment and everything looked good:)

August 3

Of course this baby couldn't go long without a Loaded Bases shirt to match daddies shirt! He/She will wear it proudly to the ballpark when daddy plays!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2

Bieng that we are big Ul fans we knew we had to have all the RED we could find for our babies. We found these cute, cute onesies at Sam's. We decided to go with the boy ones because if we have a girl she can still wear the two that aren't blue. Are they not the cutest things ever! Baby Wally will definitly get their fair share of Louisville football and basketball games!! GO CARDS:)

August 1

I got my first mommy charm for my charm bracelet. Its a little buggy. I thought it was really cute. I want LOTS more mommy jewerly:)

July 31

This is a sweet little pig rattle that my friend Ashley gave me. I am a huge pig fan, so if we have a girl I am sure she will have all kinds of little piggies:)

July 30

So, I don't know how many pictures will end up in this book looking this way, but I thought I would add another belly picture. Althouh I am only about 7 weeks along I can certainly tell my belly is changing. Ok so maybe it is just fat, but let me pretend here that is something more like the baby inside of me...just let me pretend please!!

July 29

Today when I went to the dollar store I picked up these pink lemonades for my water. I am getting a little tired of drinking just plain water, but I want to continue drinking it. So, I didn't think it would hurt to add this to it! It has no caffeine, calories, sugar, or sodium so I figure it's the same as having just water!

July 28

I cleaned out the closet in the spare bedroom that will become the baby nursery. I hung up all the things that we have gotten so far or have had. (The pink robe was a gift I bought for someone and by the time I saw her the robe was too small and the receipt had expired, so I figured I would save it!) I love looking at this empty closet, but I am sure it will fill up in NO time!

July 27

Are these bibs not adorable? My mother in law got them for me at Kohl's. I love Carter's collection and who doesn't like polka dots? These are probably the cutest neutral designs I have seen in a LONG time:)