Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 26

This is my good friend Jennifer. We are both pregnant together!! She is due December 27 almost exactly 3 months before myself. We are both very, very excited and we have so many plans for our babies!! The picture where we are dressed up is when she told me she was pregnant. The picture where I am tired looking is when I told her I was pregnant!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 25

My mom got me this baby toy and a sweet card today. Well Zoey didn't like that it wasn't for her. When I took it away from her she was VERY mad at me. She growled at me and kept clawing at my legs. I have a feeling this big sister is going to have a hard time adjusting to life after a baby!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24

So, I am not a big soft drinker, but I have always LOVED diet Big Red. But, today my diet big red didn't taste so good at all. I kept taking drinks of it hoping it was getting better. Maybe I got a bad one! I don't know but I hope this doesn't change my love for diet big red!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23

Today we FINALLY told our parents, family, and a few friends. I couldn't wait possibly ANY longer. I was about to explode. I especially couldn't wait to tell my mom. But, out of everybody I told, I think Emily was definitly the MOST excited!

July 22

Call me fat but today I had to go buy the Bella Band. I can't button any of my pants. Yeah I know that is absolutely a probably, but I can't help it! They barely fit over my booty. The Bella Band allows you to wear your pants without buttoning them. How amazing is this thing?

July 21 is a great website. Each week they send you information about where you are in your pregnancy, what to expect this week, how you should be feeling, and some things you might want to do. A great website with really good messageboards. This is the email I got
from them today!

July 20

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy is hilarious. I bought it today and I have read half of it cracking up the entire time. Who knew a skinny, super cute, super model would weigh over 200 Ibs. during her pregnancy. And what she has to say about pregnancy might scare some but it cracks me up!

July 19

Chris played softball today. This is something babywally will have to get use to doing. We will spend lots of time at the ballpark!

July 18

I don't know if I will post many pictures like this, but this is me barely pregnant. I already feel so huge. I know it's not possible but the feeling is definitly there. This is an awful picture but it will have to do!

July 17

What to Expect When Your Expecting will become my new best friend! I have already looked several things up in this book and I have a feeling when anything happens I will be running straight to this book, which is why I went and bought this book today! It will sit right on my night stand so I can get to it at anytime!

July 16

On Thursday July 16 I took a pregnancy test. It immediately said pregnant so guess what? I took one more and sure enough we were still pregnant. I ran straight to the computer to calculate what my due date was. As of now I am due March 26, 2010.